Which is Best?

A. Feurio!
C. Ashampoo
D. Blaze Media
E. Easy CD-DA Extractor
F. etc. (please specify)

I want to know which is the best and have a large support of cd recorders and which you think can manipulate almost all sort of audio format and burn it error free. Please i’m needing an advice.

A Feurio : best at burning audio, many burners supported, including recent ones.

B EAC : Best at detecting audio read errors on most drives (scratched CDs, bad CDRs etc). Some burners not supported, burning usually well, exept for some users, who have lead out problems. Suppots external encoders.

C, D, Don’t know

E Doesn’t detect read errors.

F Plextools can be better than EAC at detecting/correcting read errors if Plextor burners >=12x are used.

G CDex doesn’t detect errors reliably, but is preferred by some (that have obvioulsy good drives and CDs in good condition) over EAC. Error detection aside, it’s a matter of taste. Doesn’t burn.