Which is best

  • or - for playing movies on a PS2. And which brand at that. I’ve had no luck with Verbatim’s and Sony’s. Getting 97 and 98 quality scores and they play flawlessly in anything but the PS2.

There is a media thread here somewhere I suggest doing a search.

Try using verbatims and changing the booktype to dvd-rom


sorry didnt say dvd+r’s


There’s the thread on media.

Have you actually tried searching for what I asked? I did and it was nill. I asked for peoples opinions on there experience.

I’ve been using Verbatim’s. Actually some MIJ verb’s. benQ is set to DVD-Rom yet most disc’s either give a read error or start skipping within minutes. Tried it on 2 different PS2’s and they both react the same but in different parts of the disc and never in the same place twice.

Well if you want it like that the best media out there to use is Verbatim’s and I’ll never use the others I used to use again. I had flawless burns using this blank media.

As Doc said verbs are the best try a lower writing speed

all i know is that my ps2 is really a picky sob* when it comes to media that will play.
and most of the times that it will play it’s crap media and always +r media booktyped to rom.

Try some Taiyo Yuden -R media works pretty good on the ps2.

Tried 02 and 03’s today. Both skip. Tried a verbatim 8x +r burned at 8x and it seemed to play fine. Going to try a few more and see if they work as well. Thanks all!