Which is best to choose? AC3 or DTS?

Hi guys. I wan’t to back up a movie which has two audio streams an AC3 one and a DTS one. If I choose both the compression ration in DVDshrink is about 60%. The question is which is the best audio stream to keep the AC3 one or the DTS? I care much about the final quality. Or is preferable to keep them both and loose in video quality? I would like to avoid splitting the movie to two disks.

DTS is better quality than AC3, but you MUST have sound equipment capable of decoding it to be able to hear it.

the pros and cons of both:
AC3: doesn’t sound as good as DTS, takes up less space on the disc, will play in all dvd setups
DTS: better sound quality, takes up much more space on the disc, will need both a dvd player capable of decoding DTS as well as a DTS-capable receiver.

Well, you need either a DTS-capable receiver or a DVD Player capable to decode DTS, or am I wrong? :confused:


Check your DVD Player (or your reciever/amplifier, standalone decoder, like Jazz Speakers). If it has a DTS Decoder, it is better to keep DTS. If it has only a Dolby Digital Decoder (AC3), then keep AC3 audio stream.

no matter what, you need a DTS-capable dvd player. in addition to that, you need a DTS decoder, which can either be built into the dvd player, into the receiver, or used as an external decoder. if the receiver doesn’t have a DTS decoder, then the receiver needs to have 6-channel direct input to accept the decoded DTS stream.

Ah, ok.
Your first statement “a dvd player capable of decoding DTS as well as a DTS-capable receiver” confused me a bit.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answers.
As i watch the movies on the PC, my Audigy 2 has the ability to decode both streams, so it depends to me which stream i will choose to keep. Thank you for the info.