Which is best? Pioneer 106 or lite-on LDW-411S?


im gonna buy one of these drives (prolly tommrow) but unsure which to get.

anyone got any recomendations as to which is better and why.

i know the lite on has faster wrting speeds but is it as good as writing to DVD’s and Cd`s as the pioneer drive is?


Get the Pioneer. Better media compatibility right now, especially with cheap -R/RW discs.

i just bought a 411s and i love it. go to newegg and get yourself one of those, i use memorex dvd- and + r’s and it works great! ive owned 4 different types of liteon drives and this brand is excelent, never had a problem with one before, although it burns my verbatim 4x dvd-r’s at 2x, so thats why i used memorex! whats also great is it burns cd’s at 40x! i love the speed of the machine. hope this helps

Yup LDW-411s not only burn fast it cheap too. I bought the 411s around 2 week ago it work great so far.


-Better at copying protected discs
-Faster speeds
-Works with K-probe to test the disc quality.

-Bad media compatibility
-Questionable write quality with some discs
-Still needs a few firmware upgrades to shape up


-IMPRESSIVE media compatibility (Have yet to find a disc that do not work)
-Good write quality, even with cheap brands
-Been in the market for a while and do not have any serious problems.

-Not perfect at copying protected discs.
-Lower CD-writing/reading speeds

Personally I love the pioneer due to the outstanding media compatiblity and write quality.

So, does the A06 need a firmware upgrade to write to princo & Ritek @ 2X? The reason I ask is I bought a A05 when they came out & had to wait for close to a month for a new firmware.

All 1x certified media works at 1x
All 2x certified media works at 2x
All 4x certified media works at 4x

This drive do not write 1x media at 2x like some other drives do, if that is what you have in mind.

But there is a modified firmware for this drive that allows 2x writing to 1x media…but notice that upgrading to this modified firmware woids your warranty.