Which is BEST of these 3 dvd burners for pc?

  1. BenQ DW1625 Black Internal 16x w/Light Scribe Dual Layer DVD±RW drive

  2. Pioneer DVR-109 internal 16x16 DVD±RW drive

  3. NEC ND 3520A

Out of these 3 which is the BEST ?

They are all roughly the same price, cost is no issue.

I know the BenQ has bitsetting, but how does it do when burning DVD - R’s?

I have had experience with the Pioneer DVD R 108 and liked it, dont know the DVR 109.

I hear the NEC 3520A is great all around burner, but is it better than the all so famous 3500?

So if you know all 3 burners, please tell me which one is THE BEST, thanx.


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And what exactly does the choice between 3 DVD writers have to do with the Media Forum ?
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