Which is best LiteOn burner

I would like to pick up a LiteOn burner and would like to know
which one is best.

I want to backup movies and PS2, 2nd priority is music CDs.

I have always remembered LiteOn to be best for copy protection.

I’m also a little confused on the LiteOn models as to what is newer.
Is a 1635 newer than a 1693S ?



SOHW 1693s

The SHW-1635 is newer than the SOHW-1693. That being said, the 1693 has several f/w updates under it’s belt and it’s a proven all-around performer. I also recommend it.


1693 seems to win.

Now to shop for a good price.

thanks to all


I was ready to buy the 1693 from Newegg but they don’t list it anymore.
I had this in my wish list and noticed today it was gone.
What’s up? Is there a replacement just as good ?
I interested in it’s ability to copy most copy protection CD’s

What other LiteOn can do it all?


I think the 5 and 6 generation drives have the potential, but the firmware is a bit raw. Still I think the 5th gen drives has come a long way and I would put them ahead of the 1693s based on its support for a wider range of MIDs. AML comes to mind; the 1693s just chokes really badly on them while my 1635s and 165P6s and 165H6s handle them about as well as my other drives.