Which is Best DVD-ROM

Which is the best DVD-ROM drive no bullshit is it the Lite-on LTD-165H or the Toshiba 1612? I have a Liteon 48x writer and want to backup Securom.
Will both read securom, subchannel, can the toshiba do things the lite-on can’t or visa versa?

don’t tell me another DVD-ROM like the sony is the best because i know they suck :cool:

The Pioneer 106S drive is fantastic because it’s got a neat slot-in mechanism and it reads DVDs incredibly fast!
Pity the CDRW speed is a bit slow.
Still, it’s a good buy :slight_smile:

yeah but the pioneer is a slow ripper and its also more expensive than the lite-on and toshiba

And it won’t read any protected audio cds, neither does it support raw+96 reading if i’m not mistaken.

The way I understand this, the new SecuROM3 d protection isn’t that dificult to back up. I don’t have any SecuROM3 pc protected games but wish I did to confirm as to which DVD-Rom is your best choice. I can tell you the LiteON will play a backup of Safedisc 2.5.xxx burned with a 1 “sheep” writer. Futureproof recommends this DVD-Rom, but only recommends the Toshiba SD-M1402 as best reader for cd protection.