Which is best dvd-rom for pioneer 109

Hi i’m new to this so here goes…
Could anyone please help, I’ve just upgraded to the pioneer 109.The problems after burning a dvd my liteon 167t won’t read it that’s on a ritek go5 dvd,on data dvd video etc.I’ve tried a LG & ARTEC they read em but the buffer on copying was crap it took the same time on x12 as it did on x4. All firmwares are updated on both liteon & pioneer…So what’s the best Dvd-rom to go for now???
Cheers :confused:

I am using the AOpen 1648.

Thanx alot m8

AOpen 1648 here too, works well

The fastest reader with stock firnware is the NEC 3500/NEC3510 these can read dvd+r/dvr-r at full speed. You can pick up the NEC 3520 for approx £35 in the uk.

This reader allows me to record at 12 speed on the fly.
The Aopen 1648 is not as fast.

I just think that AOpen 1648 is superior regarding error-correction than NEC 3520, but this is just an assumption.