Which is a better scanner? benq 1620 or liteon 1635s?

cuz the two give very different results

better yet lemme rephrase, which drives’ scan results are more accurate?

they are both more accurate. if you mean scans from which drive will help you determine if a disc will work in other drives or how long it’ll last… I think results from either can give you a rough estimate; I’d say the liteon because of its 1ecc scanning.

Liteon is more precise, but in any case, either drive will work if you use scans correctly. Don’t try to read anything meaningful in scans from different drives. Scans are to compare media scanned on the same drive only.

so either one would tell me the performance of that burner?

You scan on one burner.

Then you can compare scans from different burners on the same media or scan from different media on the same burner.

To some extent, you can compare different media on different burners but that is much less meaningful.