Which is a better DVD copying program? CloneDVD/1click dvd copy?

which is a better DVD copying program? CloneDVD/1click dvd copy?

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Perchance you are aware that you are posting in the CloneDVD Forum aren’t you?

What would you anticipate the results of you inquiry would be?

Most undoubtedly the answer is AnyDVD-CloneDVD !

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Haven’t you answered your question yourself?

Personally I didn’t have much luck with 1click dvd copy, but then these sorts of things are often subjective and depend on the success rate vs coasters that people get with different dvd burners or media.

Generally there is no “best” program, but a multitude of different applications for different tasks.

If I’m doing a straight backup of a movie, CloneDVD 2 seems as good as it gets, if I’m converting from one type of movie format to another - say video cd/divx to dvd or pal to ntsc then Nero seems to get the job done pretty good.

Also as you’ve no doubt noticed, each major backup program has its own forum - and as has been stated already, obviously the users of one particular program are going to be biased towards it, as most of us on this forum are to clonedvd.