Which incd reader needed with incd

I am currently using incd version 4305 and and easy write reader Will incd work with this easy write reader or do need to update the easy wite reader.

Can I update easy write reader with out uninstalling it and what is the difference between incd reader 4.3.111 and easy write reader

The softare has been updated and the name was changed. the program still does the same thing. InCD reader is a program for non xp computers (OS’s that do not have the native capability to read UDF packet written CD’s).

I have a laptop with Windows ME. Doesnt ME support UDF (possibly a very early revision)? InCD reader on that laptop made DVD-Rs unreadable. Also the InCD writer tray icon often disappears, apparently the program displaying it crashes. Manual restart works, though. Well, I uninstalled all of them again. They do not appear to be reliable to me :confused: I tried the demo versions of and .6, but I think Ill go back to 5.5.


Firstly, i would do yourself a favor and get rid of ME. If this is not an option, then try running our Nero cleantool. It may clear any conflicts that are causing your InCD to crash.

Thanks for your answer.

Well, I did all of these and InCD still makes DVD-R unreadable. And InCD also crashes/disappears in Windows XP (IMAPI services are disabled). I am looking for another UDF reader and writer software.

Getting rid of ME on that laptop is an option I already considered, but XP on it is impossible. Win98SE is not a great idea as well, leaves Win2k which I would have to test. With 192MB ram and just 600Mhz I just fear 2k will be too slow to play xvid/divx movies on it, which is the only use of windoze on the laptop besides playing DVDs and writing CDs sometimes.

I guess I will try to go back to an earlier Nero/InCD version or use Linux for writing only, as it never gave me any problems. While ME may be a POS (I know), it does not appear acceptable to me to do some OS reinstall just to be able to access UDF cds.