Which, in general, is considered the best CD-R/RW Media?



Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum, so if this has been asked (I’m sure it has been 1000 times) - forgive me.

For the last several years I’ve concentrated on dvd+/-R burning and have had no problem finding good discs, always just stick to Genuine Taiyo Yuden, except for DL, then I use Verbatim.

I haven’t burned a cd-r in years and have just gotten back into it. The old blanks I have, 2 half used 100-pack spindles- 1 TDK (TDK ID) and 1 Memorex (Taiyo ID) are giving me problems. It’s Probably the age of the discs, but I’m only getting around a 10% success rate with these, and even then they don’t play on all devices. So I’m going to trash them, and pick up some fresh media.

Which Brand Should I spring for? My gut tells me to go for Taiyo Yuden since I’ve had such luck with their dvd-r’s, but I haven’t read many good reviews since I started looking around. Any Recommendations would be greatly Appreciated, since I need these for the weekend, and though I could probably get them cheaper elsewhere, I’m going to order them Today through Amazon to take advantage of my Prime Membership (Super-Cheap Overnight shipping).

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I personally would go for TY, but I use Verbie CDRs as well for day to day use. For CD-RW I tend to go Verbatim. :slight_smile:

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Totally agree.

If you find Verbatim CD-R with Made In Japan (becoming more common in the UK) then you’ll get the TY dye. Good combination.

With CD & DVD media you’ll almost certainly be safe with Verbatim media.


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I agree with the previous posters.

For CD-RW media I suggest you stick with Verbatim.

For CD-R media I’d choose Taiyo Yuden or anything “Made in Japan” or Verbatim “DataLifePlus”. Verbatim that are not “DataLifePlus” are OK but nothing special.


I also agree with the previous posters,plus for Verbatim CD-RW media,but recent 52x Verbatim’s are not more “DatalifePlus”,only “Extra protection” from various mfc (included the very good TY discs)-If want genuine Verbatim CDRs (MCC code) must look for “Super AZO” on label (recent only Made in India available in Europe)

Other choice, except MIJ dics, must be Maxell (Ritek) discs,Fujifilm (fujifilm MID) ,Sony (sony MID) made in Austria or made in Malaysia discs.


Forgot about those, agree 100% there :iagree:


Thanks for the Suggestions,

It seems the concensus is to stick with Ty for -R and Verbatim for -RW - amost the same as blank dvd’s - Ty for -r and Verbatim for DL. I’m going to place a small order for some Ty Discs now through Amazon for the weekend (if they sell them directly and not though another retailer), and pick up a larger quantity later. Any Recommendations on where to get the best discs for a good price?

Thanks for the Help!




How where the CD-R stored? and what drives have you tried writing the CD-R with? as the TDK ID discs at least may have poor support on some writers but is usually excellent quality media in my experience. Premium CD-R media should be able to be written to many years after purchase if stored correctly.


What is the best cd-r media?


TY, followed by Ritek, then Prodisc, CMC, and a host of others.


what about verbatim?


Real Verbatim are as good as the Ritek I tested, but most Verbatim sold turns out to be CMC which I find will only turn out decent burns at 16X. The real problem with almost all branded CD media is that it usually turns out to be CMC and you wind up paying way too much.


TY CD-Rs seems to be compatible with just about any writer. I would go for them.

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TY CD-R, especially THAT’s brand, Mitsubishi/Verbatim brand CD-RW. :iagree:
Ritek/CMC CD-R is ok, but far from best!


They were stored on spindles, and have been sitting in the bottome of one of my desk drawers for at least 2 1/2 to 3 years - so they’ve been stored in a dark, cool, dry place. I’ve tried burning them with an LG GSA-4163B and a NEC ND-3550A - both of which have up to date firmware. Also, both drives are very reliable when burning DVD’s - No coasters at all that weren’t my fault.

As for the TDK media, it did give me a lot less trouble than the Memorex media, but I still had more coasters vs successful burns. Also, the Memorex media I have was made by TY (according to DvdInfoPro), so go figure.

Anyway, I ordered a 100pk spindle of Ty CD-R Media, and went to Wally World this weekend (I live in a very rural area, and this is the only store within 75 miles or so that sells dvd/cd blanks) to see if I could find some acceptable media to get me through until it arrives. I ended up getting a 25pk spindle of Maxell CD-R Pro “Professional Quality” Gold media. I don’t know how good they are, but I’ve always heard that Maxell was a good brand (at least for dvd-r), and they were the only ones I could find that were made in Japan. So Far, they haven’t given me any trouble.



As has been stated pretty much an media that is MIJ is a good bet for CD-R (or DVDR for that matter). Taiyo Yuden are probably my favorite all around media though. Still curious about the Maxell MIJ CD-R Pros though as they are supposed to be excellent.


They’re just TY CD-Rs with a supposedly more scratch-resistant top surface. I doubt the quality is any better than any other TY CD-Rs.



Your storage conditions sound very good, I think the issue with the TDK ID CD-R media is poor write strategy support, all the later Lite-ON drives I have tried my TDK discs in result in coasters, yet with the correct drive, the writing quality can match the best CD-R media ever made & stability is very good.


Interesting. They are supposedly pretty rare these days although for some odd reason my local Wal-Mart has a decent stock of them.