Which Image should I use?

I have Alcohol 120 version 1.9…something, well anyways, I checked out the Images it could burn, but being a newbie…I obviously got really confused

Which Image should I use? Would burning an ISO image be better than a MDF? or will NRG (Nero I think it is) better than CCD (CloneCD Image) and so on…

Any suggestions as I am totally confused…


You shoudl use the datatype setting depending upon what copy protection is on your CD.

To find out what copy protection your CD has try here.

I also wouldn’t use ISO or NRG to make images with because if the CD has some copy protection on it, it isn’t going to copy properly with these image types.

well i mean there are a ton of formats and the default is MDF (MDS)…so should i continue to use that and just get the image with UltraISO and add the patches and stuff???
and wait, different images work better with different copy protections? is that what you’re trying to get across?? please reply thanx

well jaime007 i prefer using ISO much easiar for newbie also many program deal with this format as default like use Roxio for example , try to be more specific of what you want to make , and for what

i agree with you that Ultraiso is professional , the thing that missed in this program that it do not contain emulation drive/cd, i mean virtual… how sad

but u can use Clonecd with virtual drive (latest)

Ok, thanks for replying. Say I;m trying to burn madden 2003 and it has Safedisc v2 something something but that doesn’t really matter. So first I’ll switch the MDF (MDS) default image file by Alcohol 120 into an ISO file.

After that, I go into UltraIso, double click on the ISO file I made of Madden 2003 and just add the update patches and stuff right? That;s what I mean! Thanks for helping anyways!