Which Image/ISO formats are safe to convert between?

I got UltraISO & recently got a bunch of MDF/MDS PlayStation 1 CD images, as well as a renamer program called PS1 Re Namer to rename them to a standard format. However, it doesn’t support MDS/MDF nor CDI images. Only CCD/IMG/SUB, BIN/CUE, & ISO (maybe one or two others that I haven’t written here). My question is: is it safe (as in, NO data is loss during conversion to another format) to convert to, say CCD or BIN/CUE format?

Thanks very much for any info…

all datas are safe, converting it is only putting it in a sec view.

OK. Thanks. (I know this isn’t true for Dreamcast CDI images, as I tried to convert some to NRG Nero format & the 1st session was left out! (therefore, the game didn’t even run))