Which IDE DVD unit should I choose?

My old TSSTCorp TS-L632M IDE unit died, in fact the issue is with the flexband cable inside that got broken due to heavy use (burned more than 2000 DVDs with this unit since I’ve got it in 2007), so I am forced to buy a new drive.

Of course, as these IDE drives are pretty old, I must buy an used drive from laptop dissassembly and I will certainly buy one from my city so I could test it before and/or to easily return it if there are issues.

So far, I’ve found these IDE drives (sadly my laptop doesn’t have SATA connection for the optical drive):

  1. QSI SDW-082
  2. Philips SDVD8431
  3. PLDS DS-8A1P
  4. HL-DT-ST GSA-T11N
  5. HL-DT-ST GT34N (the seller says it’s IDE, but all I’ve found online is about being SATA)

Which one is better?

I also wonder which writing method (CAV/CLV/ZCLV) is best, as some drives have 8x CAV writing and some have 8x ZCLV writing. I remember I had a PIONEER DVD-RW drive that produced nearly unreadable DVD-R and DVD+R on my TS-L632M and when looking to the written surface, there were concentric circles with different colours which leads me to the ZCLV. And I’ve heard ZCLV can give reading issues on some drives. Is this true?

According to CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List from dbpoweramp forums, HL-DT-ST GSA-T11N has the best accuracy of these, even better than my broken TSST drive. I’ll choose this one.

Drive is working very good. Successfully burned my RITEK F16 at 8x with no issues, which my previous TSSTCorp TS-L632M and my other laptop’s Optiarc AD-7580S could do only at 2.4x.

I also crossflashed to HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-T10N TM02 using MediaCodeSpeedEdit with increased read speed, region patch and added my current MEDIACODE of the RITEK F16 to force writing to 8x (stock only went to 4x). Everything is fine, no reading/writing errors so far!