Which IDE DVD-R better than BenQ1640 on +R MC004/R0302

I need to replace my BenQ DW1640 and was wondering if there is anything that burns +R (I pretty much only use MC004 or R0302) better. It preferably needs to be IDE as I have no more SATA connections free.

Pioneer 111 is an excellent alternative for the BenQ drives on this media in my experience. It may be difficult to find now tho :frowning:

I’ve seen the list of the top 5, which writes best on the media I use? The Pionner 112’s? I know the Samung is a SATA so that rules itself out unfortunately.

Samsung SH-S203B
Pioneer DVR-112D
Pioneer DVR-112
Lite-On LH-20A1P

You can get the SH-202B which is the PATA version of the 203B.

My Samsung SH-S182D (IDE) likes MCC004 very much, even at 18x, if that’s any help to you.

I have only one drive that doesn’t like MCC 004 very much; that’s not to say it will always burn with high quality at 16/18/20x but neither will any other DVD media in my experience.

I currently burn MCC 004 in my Pioneer DVR-111L because it produces nice low jitter when I burn at 8x. But I can burn it at any reasonable speed in almost any drive without problems.

The one exception is my Matshita UJ-840S laptop drive which hates all DVD media I have ever tried burning, except for YUDEN000 T03 and TYG03. :doh:

I can get the S202J but not the B. Are they substantial differences that will make it a different quality from the B?

Scans from the new IDE Samsungs are not convincing to me. In my opinion you should make your choice between LG H44, Pioneer 112 and LiteOn LH20A1. They are all three good burners of course for Verbatim too.