Which ide drive is the best



The specs for the HP don’t list Windows ME, possible lightscribe software won’t work for you. Can’t seem to find much in the way of info/reviews on that HP, you’re on your own, there :). And again, be sure if you go with the AD-7200A to call or E-mail the seller and Make Sure that the drive you are getting is an Optiarc AD-7200A no matter what letters they add to the end of it. :iagree:. BTW- HP drive pretty old and slow, think you’re better w/ Optiarc.


ok last post
is the ASUS DRW 1814BL any good
its nice and cheap and supports light scribe




this is the sata one
i talking about the ide one


[QUOTE=starcraftmaster;2245346]this is the sata one
i talking about the ide one

You dont get it, don’t you?!
There isno real difference except the ide/sata bridge!


Hi guys, which drive would you recommend from NEWEGG. I burn D5 disks. speed doesn’t matter, looking for quality and dependable. I have used HP 1040I in the past. My system is Windows XP pro. Thanks Mick


@ mickk,

Perchance have you reviewed the Read First sticky titled “The top 5 Optical drives of 2008 (CD Freaks members choice)” (http://club.cdfreaks.com/f61/top-5-optical-drives-2008-cd-freaks-members-choice-249785/) posting and the numerous CDFreaks Forum Optical Drive Reviews (http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews)?

Also NewEgg has numerous Product Reviews on their Optical Drives.



or the HP

the hp supports lightscribe and the sony does not
but the hp is 2.4x (DVD+R DL)
[/QUOTE]This HP is ancient stuff that was released to market 4 years ago:
http://club.cdfreaks.com/1040107-post7.html (note the date this was posted).

So there is a strong: don’t buy!



Thanks, bjkg
The two most popular are Samsung and Pioneer. I would not have even looked at Pioneer as a serious manufacturer. I hope it is not for some feature like Light Scribe, which I don’t use. I went with HP because when burners were expensive, HP was in the market. Thanks, again Mick