Which IDE controller should i choose?

I’ve just read The IDE Controllers definitive Thread & other discussions regarding, but i’m still not sure & i’d like to get your opinion,please.

I’d need a controller to let all my 4 ODD & 2 ide HD work together (i’va already also a scsi driver with its own controller)
My mainboard is an Asus with these spec - http://www.asus.it/prog/spec.asp?m=P4P800-E%20Deluxe&langs=08

I was thinking about this one http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc.asp?description=15-150-022&depa=0

I mean a “simply” SIL680 Ata Ultra 133 NOT raid & NOT promise, so if i should have whatever compatibily issue i could switch hd on SIIG and all reader/burner on mainboard channel

What do you think about,please? Is there a better card i could get fr my purpose or an overall better solution ?

Thanks in advance

anyone ?

put the 2 HDs on the Promise UDMA 133 and the 4 ODDs on the ICH5R UDMA 133.

The biggest problem you will run into is that most of these were not designed to work with optical drives. Promise states that their controlers will work with “some” ODDs.

They all seem to work well with HDDs so you will have to email the support for the controller to confirm it will do what you want. If you are prepared to run the HDDs from the new controler and the ODDs from the mother board you should be OK.

you don’t even need to buy a PCI controller card. you’ve got room for 4 ODDs to run off the ICH5R controller and room for 2 PATA HDs to run of the on-board Promise controller.

Thanks for your reply, guys !

Drpino, you showed me a solution i didn’t see before.
I’m a bit scared of promise use (infact i’ve it disabled in the Bios motherboard config).
Do you think put HD on promise controller would be ok, i mean, fully hd functionality with no motherboard overload & “dialogue” problems ?

With an added ide controller shouldn’t i have an overall better performance of whatever device i put on it or it’s the same (just asking,really don’t know)?

I have the very same mobo.

There is no problem to hook up a HDD on onboard Promise-378 controller. Just make sure you have Asus installation CD and install the appropriate drivers (IDE).
All my (4) optical drives are connected on mobos IDE-bus. :slight_smile:

Note. I run a WD 200GB 8Mb/buffer HDD on Promise controller and a 120GB SATA drive on 865PE-soutbridge SATA controller.

Tahnks Pinto,great help !!

Yeah, i’ve Asus installation cd near me,right now :smiley:
Anyway with an arrangement like yours, have i to expect cpu overload matters (i run an intel 3.0 Ghz) ?

Yes i’ve 2 maxtor 120 GB 8Mb/buffer HDD and a 120GB SATA maxtor like yours :bigsmile:

Shin_79. I have the P4C800 Deluxe and the Promise 378 controller, both my Maxtor 120GB HD are installed on the promise controller, so it’s similar to pinto2’s set up and I have had no problems what so ever. Just make sure you install the promise IDE drivers on your HD before installing them on your Promise controller.

It’s great no cpu overload noticed !!

mhmh the reason i disabled promise controller in the Bios was that even after i installed its own driver from Asus original cd, on Device Manager it always showed yellow question mark :confused: and since i wasn’t planning to use it, i disabled
So could you gimme some more details on installation proces please? Thanks

Yes I had the same yellow ? mark. First install the 378 ATA drivers with your HD on the boards main IDE channel by way of ADD Hardware wizard add SCSI and Raid controllers. Once the drivers are installed on the Hard drive you can put the Drives on the Promise controller and they will be recognized by the Promise controller. Then the controller will show the yellow question mark in the Device Manager. The way I got around that was to reinstall the Promise ATA drivers with the HD operating then reboot, there will be two SCSI Promise controllers. Just uninstall the one with the Yellow Question mark, Also make sure you set the Promise controller in BIOS to IDE mode. Don’t know if there is an easier way but this worked for me. If you have trouble post back. HTH. :slight_smile:

no prob…Shin. i just rearranged one of my PCs and stuck 2 PATA HDs on the Promise controller and have had no issues. in one PC i’ve got 3 ODDs (1 primary master, 1 secondary master, 1 secondary slave), 2 SATA HDs in RAID 0 and 2 PATA HDs off the Promise controller.

Hmmm, Must be making room for another Optical drive?? :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe crossg, no plans as of yet but the room is there if i need it :wink:

Mates, i’ve just enabled and installed promise drivers :slight_smile:
Thanks crossg no qestion marks anymore.
BTW still no HD put on, so i’ll be back soon

Could you please tell me how attach here my device menager image,please so i can let you see if all is set?

I an not great with MS paint so I will try to explain. Get the Device manager up on your desk top and on your keyboard there should be a print screen Key. Go control/Print screen then open MS paint under Start menu accessories, then go to edit paste and your whole sceen shot should appear. Just cut and paste the Device Manager to new file and save as PNG. Then you should be able to post it using Manage Attachments. Any body has an easier way please help.:slight_smile:

Unfortunately i can’t find the print screen Key you’re talking about.
Anyway HDD are running on Promise right now :bigsmile: :bigsmile: and all 3 (for the moment) ODD are on the board channel
Is there some test i have to do to check system is ok ?

You should be good to go if there are no ? marks in your Device manager. :slight_smile:
BTW Your Print screen Key should be on the right hand top side of your Keyboard somewhere around or beside the F12 Key.

Let’s see, then :smiley:

@Shin 79. Looks good to me! :wink: