Which IDE/ATA driver do you use for burning with your NEC drive?

It’s pretty well documented around this forum that Microsofts Default IDE drivers provide the most stable platform for optical drives.
But which IDE drivers do you use?

I use nForce4 Standalone Drivers 6.53: WinXP IDE driver version 5.18 (WHQL), on a NF2 motherboard. That’s for the “(Please specify)”.

Currently using MS IDE drivers in SP2 on a VIA board. Not sure if I should try the latest VIA drivers or not.

mdm: This counts as NVidia NForce IDE.

Microsofts drivers for me …
btw for anyone who does not know you can check in device manager under drives…

Nvidia Nforce2 ATA Contoller v2.7 has worked flawlessly for me
I have the ASUS A7N8X-E DELUXE With SATA Raid0 (2 Hitachi 80gigs)
only thing on the IDE is the NEC 3520aw and a Lite-on 832s Both in UDMA Mode 2 Ultra33 (Transfer rates are about 26mbs)

As an advid overclocker and longtime member of the Overclockers.com forum, we experiment with many different driver in the quest for speed on the bleeding edge of stability. System test are posted and compaired as they are done with “Quality of Burn” test here.
The MS IDE drivers seem to provide the most stable enviroment for the drives and programs for DVD burning ,IMHO. Others may find different results with their systems. This poll will prove interesting.

intel iaa on a 845gl

oh yeah and i have no idea on my giga MB what that is…

I know, but I just was not sure if this use of it counted or not, because it isn’t a “normal” one as meant by nVidia. Anyway my mistake :wink:

Damn, i knew i had forgotten something.
Added a poll option for Intel drivers

I have an asus mobo with intel 848 chipset. I have install this: http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df-external/filter_results.aspx?strTypes=all&ProductID=1075&OSFullName=Windows*+XP+Professional&lang=eng&strOSs=44&submit=Go!
So, do i have intel’s driver or microsoft’s? If i uninstall this, it would be ok? I think that this download is also gor AGP, usb, etc. So i can’t remove it.

Hehe. I use these but I voted for MS drivers (closest) as the Intel option wasn’t there when I voted.:o

I’ve been using Intel drives(915 chipset) and integrated to motherboard ITE 8212F chipset drivers, provided by ITE.

ms drivers for me ;)…sis drivers are a bit bugy :wink:

don’t have an NEC drive, but i use the MS drivers + Via IDE Accelerator on both of my machines based on the K8T800 and K8T800Pro chipsets…

I use the MS drivers even though I have an nForce 2 board. I used to use the nVidia drivers about 18 months ago, but I had a bad drive corruption problem which I tracked down to the IDE drivers, and I’ve been too scared to try the latest version and see if the problem was fixed.

Intel® 82801 DB Ultra ATA Storages Controller - 24CB

Intel chipset 845 PE.

(again the PNG graphics uploader doesn’t work, I don’t know why, i’m very tired of that! Maybe it is bizzy around the night 3.00/400 am…
In day time this afternoon it worked, yesterdaynight also didn’t!)

My three burners works fine SonyDRU 500A, NEC 3520a and Nec 3540a !


Guess I have to ask the question, the only time I have used the MS drivers is to flash FW other than that I go right back to the Intel drivers and have not encountered any problems. I have seen numerous post’s regarding VIA and N Force compatibilty but very few with Intel. Yes the AMD chipset drivers are a bit buggy and I am not saying Intel is better but they have less issues IMO. So question is will the MS drivers make my system more stable. Yes I will do some test when I get time, Just wondering if any one has issues with the Intel drivers with out the APP Accelerator? :confused:

Than this way:


Yes I have experienced the IAA than the Deviced Manager won’t let the ADVANCED see, so I rather will see the drivers and so on, this works years for me with my MS 845PE MAX2 board, and I’m satisfied!
I stay with this Intel drivers, or someone can convince me otherwise, then I’m willing to listen…


That is the exact drivers mine has! Just wondering if anyone has proven the MS drivers are more stable than the Intel? Like every one else I would like to get the best burns possible.:slight_smile: