Which html editor?



hey, just wondering what HTML editor you people use. if you want, rank these three: macromedia dreamweaver, homesite 4.5, frontpage 2000. i like dreamweaver best, so tell me what you use.


Personally I prefer edit.com or pico (unix).

But for professional I’ve found dreamweaver to be the best. Dreamweaver Rulez.

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i use dreamweaver3 and/or net objects fusion4. like them both.



I think that dreamweaver rulez

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Flash 4 Fireworks 3 Dreamweaver 3 rulss

for more info http://utilz.cjb.net/


best editor ever
cdfreaks is coded in homesite… everything i code is in homesite…
homesite r0x


I just think there’s no “best html editor” around !

Of course, Dreamweaver is one of the best, but best results come from the mix between Dreamweaver and HotMetal, Homesites…

In fact, there’s no magic tool ! :slight_smile:



a notepad and some imagination will do…

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hallo allemaal,

waar kan ik een full - version van homesite downloaden ? Eventueel met crack.

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English ppleaze.

But grab it at fosi website.
it is the retailversie 4,5 wich is 12 mb big

search cdfreaks voor his website.




And sorry, was thinking i was on the Dutch Forum

Grtz Ruud



we all make misstakes


well, the great thing about warez is that i get to try em all. i have now used homesite, dreamweaver, adobe golive, and frontpage 2000, but i still like dreamweaver the best because the WYSIWYG interface and the power to use flash4 and fireworks components.


Hmmm… I always used notepad… But Dreamweaver is good 4, like u say, using flash etc.


BBEdit is the ONLY way I will write code, except sometimes vi is a bit more convenient for quick stuff.

BBEdit can edit files via remote ftp, has extensive searching facility with optional grep engine, and the HTML tools are amazing. Syntax coloring, automatic indentation, link verification, extensive scripting support, ssi savvy, automatic markup tools, web color coding, document comparison, custom key bindings, etc. It handles Unix, Mac, and DOS line endings effortlessly, and parses most languages including C, perl, and Javascript.

Even BBEdit Lite, the freeware version, is excellent. http://www.barebones.com. If you do serious Web development, it’s actually worth getting a Mac if you don’t have one already. Right now they don’t have a Unix version but given the fact that the next Mac OS is Unix, I believe they will at some point be running on other Unix types such as Linux.