Which highspeed CDRW disk for LiteOn?

Ever since I first used LiteOn CDRW drives, I never could write to the Memorex 4x CDRW disc without it failing, or having read errors. However, my old LG 4x CDRW burner worked with them fine. I then seen a 5 pack of the Memorex 24x CDRW disc, and thought maybe they would work with my SOHW-1693S DVD-RW since it was a newer drive than my previous CDRW drives. However, the burn fails at any speed, just like the 4x Memorex disc.
Are there any highspeed CDRW disc that can be written reliably with LiteOn burners, or is it a limit that CDRW disc can not be written faster than 4x? Memorex is the only CDRW disc that I can find that’s faster than 4x.

I would suggest buying Verbatim 16-24x Ultra-Speed CD-RW media which is among the best - perhaps even the best CD-RW for high speed burns.

I’ll have to order them over the net as they don’t seemed to be carried anywhere around town. Thanks.

Depends where you are. PC World in the UK carry them.