Which hdtv to get

okay, i want a lcd hdtv for watching tv, playing my xbox 360, and also for using as a computer screen…my budget is around $2000, i want a 37"-42" screen, needs to be widescreen & black if possible, and i defintely want it to support 720p and 1080i so my xbox 360 will look good on it…please help me find what im looking for because im going to purchase this in the near future…thx


You should be able to find some good Hitachis or Samsungs that size in your price range, maybe Sony if you shop around. For the variety of inputs you intend, be sure that whatever you buy has at least one HDMI or DVI input and at least two component video inputs. Part of what you need in that regard will be dictated by what sort of outputs your computer’s video card has.

Try looking through this forum and see other opinons. Lots of talk on various hd tv’s


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42" and 1080p


Westinghouse - 42" 1080p LCD HD Monitor
Reg. Price: $1,999.99
You Save: $200.00Sale: $1,799.99