Which HDD?

I have given up of Western Digital HDD’s :sad: I’ve bought a WD3000JB PATA drive and it produced a high-frequency whistle noise while reading/writing, but not in idle mode. That tone was horrible, I couldn’t stand it even inside a closed enclosure with fan noise behind. I had to return it to store and ask for a refund. They said the noise was normal for these Caviar SE drives :eek:
The drive with FDB motor creates much noise than my old 120GB WD drive :confused:

Now I want to choose between Maxtor and Hitachi. I have an old 20GB Maxtor HDD and it never failed, although it has that “scratching” like noise, but that noise I can stand. I don’t know about Hitachi but from the mp3’s I’ve heard with the acoustic noise, it seems to have also some whistle noise too.

I don’t plan to buy Seagate HDD’s, but Samsung is a big possibility too (SP2514N model).

Had a look around and some people seem to notice it being a little noisier in operation, others say it’s quiet. Perhaps your hearing is particularly sensitive to the whistling noise you mention - it’s hard to say. But for it to be annoying, I’d say that’s not exactly normal. Does anyone else notice the noise when it’s running? If they do, I’d return it again and say it’s not normal. The Western Digital web-page says “Our WhisperDrive technology minimizes noise to levels near the threshold of human hearing.” Hardly what you’re experiencing. I wonder if the store can’t be bothered with the hassle of handling a returned drive and a refund.

If the noise source was like that “scratching” from the Maxtor drives I wouldn’t complain, that’s a normal HDD noise. But this whistling noise from that Caviar SE drive, it’s not tolerable… The store said the noise is quite normal for that drive. I don’t know what causes the noise, maybe the new FDB motors, who knows… In idle it’s quiet, but as soon it starts reading/writing, awful.
Anyway, I got the refund and I have to decide which new hard disk to buy, because I really need one.

Samsung are known for their quietness but you have to listen their sound.

Does anyone have a recording from this Samsung disk’ sound?

Personally I would stay away from maxtors. Their quality has gone down the toilet. some hitachis are known to make a noise that drives some crazy, kind of like a cat howling. They only do it occationally but some people say it can wake you up out of a dead sleep in the next room over. Personally I have never experienced this sound with my hitachis so I kind of wonder if how well your case dampens noise/vibration has something to do with it.

Hitachi T7K250 250Gb is a very good drive for its price and very fast and quiet too…

my 120GB Western Digital drive has been making a high pitched squealing noise (as soon as it has spun up to the time i turn the machine off and alters when reading/writing) for over a year now but it hasnt failed yet (fingers crossed) makes the same noise as my 19" crt likes to make every so often when i turn it on.

It’s something like that that my WD 3000JB was doing, and I won’t accept that an hard disk produces that kind of noise that is awaful to the human earing.
I already had 4 HDD’s in my life and none of them produced some kind of that whistle noise, and I never though that an hard disk would do that. The loudest one, a 20GB Maxtor only does some “scratching” noise when seeking, but it’s tolerable.

lol @ these wimps moaning about noise! :slight_smile: j/k

but yeah it is abit annoying but ive got used to it now, plus i cant sleep unless i have a certain amount of background noise weird eh

:confused: Whats wrong with Seagate? I like their 7200.8

At any rate, Seagate has been the only HDD maker with more than 20% market share for many years.

Thank you to all of you who recommended the Samsung HDD. Received it today, great drive, can’t ear any whining or whistle, it’s very quiet.

I have two Samsungs and a Seagate. The Seagate is a 7200rpm 120GB EIDE. All three are inaudible when the case cover is on. Completely silent. Couldn’t be happier.

for me the best is Samsungs. I have two of them for years now with no problems(knock on wood)!!!

you can get a 250GB Samsung 7200rpm SATA (OEM) from Microcenter for $99 out of the door.

Glad I could helped.

no problems