Which hard drive to buy?

First of all I’d just like to say hi. Its my 1st post as you may tell but I normally refer to this site for queries as it does seem to have the most informed users :slight_smile:

Now to the point:

Sorry if this is posted elsewhere but I am in a rush and want to get this sorted today if possibe.

I’ve always used my pc/laptops for the everyday small usage of media play and web browsing and the memory has been sufficient. Plus I’ve always lived with someone who had an external HD and stremed any content from there, hence never needing one before.

Now I am looking to buy my first external hard drive yet I don’t know much about them. I’ve done what little research I could in my spare time this weekend and think I have my preferences.

I’m leaning towards the WD Elements 1TB Black over the Seagate Freeagent or WD MyBook purely because of the size and asthetics (because I’ll prob take it with me on numerous travels so it looks the most durable.)

I’ve heard cache size is important and with that only having 16mb, will this be suffice?:confused:

Any advice on this or any other produts would be highly appreciated as I really don’t know all that much on this topic and any more research is going to make my head hurt:doh:

Thanks in advance for any help

Oh and I don’t know if this matters but I do use a 360 (hold off on any comments please ) to stream media at the moment so will be open to network drives but these tend to be more expensive and I would still like a USB enabled HD just for friends who don’t have networks/internet access


I see you’ve posted this exact same thread in the Hard drives forum a few days ago, and haven’t had any responses. I’m sorry that no one has tried to help, but some of us (including myself) don’t have much experience with external hard drives and cannot help much.

Posting the same thread in different forums here at cdfreaks is against the rules…it is called crossposting. So, I have no choice but to close this thread here in the Newbie forum.

I hope you get some responses in the other thread, and I will bump it up to the top for you.