Which good quality M-Disc DVDs are printable

Hi everyone:

Now that I’ve got my burning process down, and I have a printer that will directly print to disc, I’d like to try some M-Disc DVDs which are printable. What do you recommend?

What printer do you have?

A Canon Pixma IP6600D inkjet. I have yet to try printing to disc on it, but it works great on paper.

Hi Brainer1
You have an InkJet Printable.
Buy inkjet printable M-Discs.
Test it.
Tip: test the printing process on another CD or DVD first.

Use only M-Disc compatible with Inkjet Printable.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. :+1:
Good luck.


Thanks for that. The box on the left is not appropriate, as it’s BlueRay, and I want M-Disc DVDs. The box on the right is, and I hadn’t seen that one yet from Verbatim. Good idea to test before buying, M-Discs are expensive.

I have to say that so far, M-Discs HAVE lived up to the hype, in my experience. I’ve left them in the cold, the heat, and dropped them on the ground over rocks. No data reading/writingn problems. I just hope they don’t disappear as a standard, cause it’s not a well-known standard.

Sorry…The Foto from the Bluray only served as a sample.

There are many versions of M-Disc DVDs.
Main thing: they are inket printable.

I have run into readability issues with M-Disc DVDs on older drives that were produced before M-Disc; especially LiteOn. Either the disc is not recognized at all, or it is recognized as a blank DVD+R even though it has been recorded and closed.

There also are also spotty firmware issues on LG drives. One early LG drive (GH22LP20) would not write multisession M-Discs or recognize any session beyond the first if the disc was written on another drive. The odd thing was, it would handle multi-session DVD-R and DVD+R just fine.

Thanks Schuster. I was already aware that many older drives can’t read them. I already tried some discs in older drives to find out. But the second issue I wasn’t aware of. For me, most of my discs are one session DAO though, so that shouldn’t often be an issue.