Which FW for transform Traxdata to LiteOn?



Hi guys!

I purchased a Traxdata CD-RW 40x 12x 48x yesterday and I would like to convert it into a Lite On 40x 12x 48x CD-RW. If this work, I will overclock it with the LTR-48125W firmware :bigsmile:

The question is: I've seen at LiteOn website two CD-RW 40x 12x 48xmodels: LTR-40125S and LTR-40125W. How can I know which firmware I have to apply to my CD-RW in order to the transformation be succesful? I would like to know which firmware and which version (maybe the last?) I have to apply to my CD-RW for upgrading it to LTR-48125W later.

Some of you have any kind of experience with this Traxdata CD-RW conversion???

Thanx in advance! :wink:


It doesn’t matter which FM you use (every fm should work), but VS02 seems to give the best results.