Which FW (2500) and what Speed for best results of burning CMCMAG (-R) and CMCMAGR01

I bought some Verbatim Live It Media (in DVD boxes) and their type is CMC MAG for DVD-R and CMC MAG R01 for DVD+R.

I will be recording one movie presenentation on all of these (so i need max compatibility on standalone DVD players), and I would like to know, which FW do you recommend, and at what speed. I read that the DVD+R is speed hacked, and that i can burn them with 8x speed (with Herrie’s FW), but wouldn’t P0 and P1 go higher with higher speed??

Yes and another thing. Because I am burning them as Movie DVD, i thought it would be good, to set the DVD+R to DVD-ROM. How do you think about that?

Cheers M8’s, TomazO!!

Herries’ 107v2b5 works great and will allow you to burn both of those discs types at 8X.
This fw also includes bitsetting capabilities.

burns great at 8x with 107v2b4