Which Fuji CDR from Newegg to buy?

Hello, I need help choosing which Fuji CDR disk to buy from Newegg from four choices.

The Fuji Model #25307101, Model #25307103, and Model #25307212 are described as “Over 1 million read passes without data degradation.”, and are similarly priced (~$16.00 for 50).

They also have the Fuji Model #25304055 which is described as, “High level of performance, durability and long archival.”, and is $19.00 for 50 disks…

Are these all the same disks, ideally MIJ TY, or? Any suggestions appreciated.



Only the last one you have listed is MIJ, it has the tell-tale TY Cakebox. The first three you have listed are all Prodisc and $16 for a 50 pack of Prodisc CD-R certainly isn’t any steal. Seriously though you can get a better deal by ordering unbranded TY CD-R from www.rima.com. $26+shipping for 100 52x TY CD-R.

Thanks, Jester; appreciate the insight.


If you want TY, go to www.rima.com .

Okay, here’s another question. I found these Fuji CDR media at Staples. The cake box says, “Made in Japan” on it; is this an assurance that they are TY?



You have no assurance of getting TY unless you buy TY. Any of the online sellers might show you a TY picture but send you something else. BTW, the picture in your link that I see is not a TY cakebox.


Nope the cakebox shown looks like Prodisc to me. BTW You are still getting a better deal by ordering 100 52x TY CD-Rs for $26+shipping versus those discs. Do the math. $20+tax (or shipping) for 50 packs of Fujifilm discs that may or may not be TY. $26+shipping for 100 52x Genuine Taiyo Yuden (no guesswork involved with these).

I took your and Grimey’s advice and ordered from Rima; thanks for the suggestions. I don’t burn that often, but it makes no sense having data errors when I do burn, so I might as well have the “good stuff”.

Thanks again.

It will still end up being cheaper in the long run. The discs certainly aren’t going to fall apart for the time it will take you to go through the spindle (not unless you store them in excessive heat or cold). :wink: