Which format?



Hello one and all, I am new to burning audio CD’s and was wondering what is the best format to convert mp3’s to play on CD/Car players. Thanx for your help.


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I’ll tell you what I do, burning my music files to play on a regular CD player:

Grab the free software Burrrn, drag your mp3 files into the Burrrn window, and it converts and burns the files into a regular music CD for you.

Burn at 16x for best results (this is what Burrrn is set to by default). :slight_smile:

Nero will also do this if you select the “Audio CD” template before dragging your files into the Burn window. :slight_smile:

However, car CD players are notoriously picky, so make sure you have good blank discs before you start.


Obey Arachne and the format for regular cd players is .wav.


'Nuff said. :bigsmile: