Which Format Would It Be Best To Convert DRM Protected WMAs?

In order to back-up some DRM-protected WMA music files, I want to convert them to unprotected music files. These DRM-protected files are 192kbps WMA’s, and I’d like to preserve as much sound quality as I can.

I would assume that converting them to 192kbps WMA’s would be essentially the best, since it would probably be just stripping the DRM protection, and recording them as they were originally.

But maybe I’m wrong? Maybe it the conversion process doesn’t work like that. Maybe converting them to a OGG 192kb or MP3 256kbps would be better?

By the way, I’m using Tunebite to do this, if that helps.

Thanks for the help!!


I would convert to MP3 using 192kbps… using a higher setting will not give you a better quality output.You can’t recover what was already compressed,it’s gone…
however if you have the original cd, re-rip and save as wav with higher setting 256-384kbps…

But if it was originally compressed in WMA, wouldn’t the conversion process to WMA just strip the DRM? And then leave the file as-is?



WMA to WMA conversion won’t strip DRM, I think.
I’d try to burn them to an audio CD (if your license allows that) or convert to uncompressed WAV. Then you can do what you want with that (ripping/converting to mp3, ogg, whatever).