Which format is better for DVD movie authoring and playback on DVD players?

I’ve been using Optodisc media, both the +R and the -R. The +R media is a mixed bag with differing results, even with DVD-ROM BookType bitsetting. The -R has so far proved 100% reliable. I’m using a Pioneer DVD-355 for playback.

Can I then simply conclude that +R is not so reliable then? Or is it just the media that I’m using? :confused:

Just the Optodisc. Optodisc +R are known to not do as well as their -R. In general, I’d say that +R is actually better…

I’ve had no problems with both +/-R with or without booktype setting. All my discs play back in my PS2, Apex, and Cyberhome (cheap $40 brand) dvd players. Try using some better quality media, post the ADIP codes (DVD Identifier) and we can see exactly what media you are using. I usually get Ricoh discs (mostly because I can’t find anything else locally). Try some Taiyo Yudens if you can get them, or even ricohjpnr02 if you can get those too.

Most older players can play minus, plus will work with most newer players, even better if you bitset to rom. I have a new Panasonic DVD recorder/hd machine and it wont play any plus without it being bitset first.
SO whether plus or minus is better technicly is moot if you have a old player or have freinds with older players minus almost always works. I have been mostly using plus becuase it’s been on sale a lot and the 4x stuff and even 2.4x stuff works great at 8x with my NEC 2500 and I bitset it to rom. Cheap media can cause problems and even known good stuff has been getting worse lately, one batch great, next crap. Find what your burner likes and stick with it.

Hmm optodisc i have nothing good to say about the Disks i used them with my old Drive BTC 1004 IM and the burn results were far worse then i expected.

the best is of course what plays… since ssseth seems to have abandoned the caffiene or whatever that used to keep him posting 24/7

HERE is where you check the abilities of your player.

most of the reports seem to be from austrailians (aliens? borg people?) and the reports are that ricoh seems to work fine.

When i take a quick look at that site i notice that there are almost no players that can’t play +R…is this correct?
so this format-thing isn’t really a big issue right?
especially when you use bitsetting…

is it possible that a player is able to read +R but not able to read -ROM (+R with bitsetting)?

Not it is not possible, or extremely unlikely. Your DVD will treat your disc as a pressed DVD/regular DVD. I have not heard of any cases where a DVD player supports +R but does not support DVD-ROM (bitset +R). The DVD-ROM booktype offers greater compatibility to players that otherwise would not play +R or -R.

check your standalone player here : www.videohelp.com
and see if someone tested it with +r rom, … media

I have a pioneer DVD-525 and it seems to like the -R format better than the +R format. It will play discs that don’t have very good KProbe results in -R format, but if I put a +R disc in with results 1/2 as bad as the -R it will skip and carry on booktype set or not.


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