Which Format DVD-BURNER Should I Choose?

To whom it may concern,

Something similar to this may have been posted before and im sorry if it has but i would like to get someones “updated” thoughts on what i have to say.

I would like to get a DVD-BURNER but i dont know wether i should go for the + format or the - format, i know that you can get drives that do both but the thing is i dont have enough money to buy a drive that does both only enough for one format or the other.

So i was wondering which format would be the better one if there is such a thing??

Any help is very much appreciated :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Daniel Rossi

why not just save a bit more and get the dual format burner

they have come done in price in the last 2 months.

you can get the pioneer A06 for $450 plus freight

the Pioneer A05 still sells for like $385.

if you have a standalone dvdplayer…first check which format it supports; www.vcdhelp.com

but to be sure…better buy a dual format burner as suggested above

looks like ill have to neway buy a multi format 1 :eek: :bigsmile:

For the price of a -RW Pioneer or TEAC you can find a +/-RW from NEC.

Or soon the dual-format Plextor :slight_smile:

Pioneer dual-format A06 now about $ 200 inc. shipping.

Single format drives aren’t all that much cheaper so it’s probably worth the extra.

You can get any of several models of ± drive for about $200 from

They are specifically mentioned, often, by Techbargains.com, so I assume them to be legitimate.

$200. that is US dollars? isnt Daniel Rossi

in western australia. which would mean a lot more than $200 because of the exchange rate plus customs fees and freight. dont forget if there is any problem you have to send the drive back and wait for repairs and freight handling times