Which format do you burn? ISO or UDF?



Someone told me UDF is the best format for DVD/CD with the latest physical address. So I trusted him. However, I realized when I burn CDs in UDF format, it writes about 10% of the disk of the UDF partition before it starts writing my files. This caused many of my burns to go over 700MB.

I am using Nero and Plextor PX-716A. Settings: UDF format, Physical partition, UDF 2.01 File System Version.

Which format is better and why? Thanks in advance


I am not extensivly farmiliar with the particulars but the only advantage I am aware of for udf is large file size. Iso can only handle a file up to about 2gig (not a limitation for cd but it is when working with files for dvd) while udf can go bigger.


I seeā€¦ otherwords, UDF is not necessary on CDs.


To the best of my knoledge, that is the only major diffrence. I know some packet writing software uses udf but then again in that situation, the packet writing software handles your storage file system anyway. Anybody else know of any other significant diffrences?