Which Firmware? Which DVD Format + or -?

Hey guys I am recieving a NEC 3550A Burner and wanted some recomendations on which is the best firmware to use on the drive and which DVD media format works best, + or - .
I also wanted to say thanks to everyone for their input on which drive to get. I liked the Benq’s best but the nec for price, you guy’s opinion, reviews I read, and especially price was the deciding factor in the NEC purchase.
All info on the question will be greatly appreciated,
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I have burned with three 3500 series burners and I would have to say that +R from TY does a better job than -R. Actually, my YUDEN000 T02 does a better job on all my burners.

I have no experience with 3550 firm ware but these guys are the best.


I agree with chas0039 and if you venture into DL burning use verbatim +r DL media.