Which firmware versions are compatible with Philips DVDR824p

Hi , I’ve done some searching on here and not managed to find a good answer to the following problem.

I have a Philips DVDRW824p (re)writer, it was revision 2.2 firmware that was supposed to be able to write -r media. (as bought from new)

It been flashed to the DVDRW824dp 3.3 f/w by mistake (which will not burn anything ), and now ive found out I cant go back to the 2.2 without paying for the d/l as the 3.3 flash program had no backup option.

So I decided to try the original 1.2 f/w I know its not dual format but i figured at least it might resurect the burning +r and cd but no the flash program wont overwrite the 3.3 f/w I assume it thinks the model number is wrong type.

So question is, can i force the flasher to use the earlier f/w revision, or if not can I use other firmwares from similar drives to at least get it working?

There is not enough information in this post. What flashing tools have you used? What were your exact steps? What does the physical label on your drive say? Posting a .PNG of that (with S/Ns removed) might give more insight.

You always stand a chance of killing your drive if you flash with wrong firmware but there may be a way to resurrect it.

Another one of my posts (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=689041&postcount=11) shows how I was able to flash to many different firmwares but that only worked for my specific drive. Your drive may be different so I have no idea if it would work for you.

Good luck.

Use Benq firmware. B3IC has worked the best for my DVDRW824P. I’ve also bought the P2.2 firmware and flashed to 3.3, but couldn’t go back.

Here’s how to flash to 822A B3IC:

1.) Download this: http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BenQ/WinDWFlash.rar
2.) then this: http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BenQ/B3HC.CVT.rar
3.) flash the firmware
4.) reboot
5.) download this next: http://support.benq.com/files/Storage/Firmware/DW822A/B3IC.zip
6.) flash the firmware
7.) reboot
8.) enjoy :wink:

If you ca flash to BenQ B3IC, shouldn’t you be able to use the 3.3 firmware too? I flashed from a HP dvd400i -> philips DVDRW824DP 3.3 -> Benq B3HC -> BenQ B3IC and was able to burn without any problems. HP seemed to have the best burning quality though.

Sure you could use 3.3. But I have had the best results with B3IC. Also, don’t forget that Benq will be releasing the DL firmware on Sept. 30th for the 822A! Philips is definately NOT.

yesterday I flashed my Philips DVDRW824K/40 rev. 3.3 to the new DL firmware from BenQ (B3XC) (after having flashed the B3HC CVT beforehand).

The drive seems to be all right, at least I can read CD’s and DVD’s, I haven’t had time yet to try to burn a DVD though.

Anyway, what I was wondering about: since I flashed the drive to BenQ’s firmware, the small “DVD” LED on the front panel is always on, no matter if a disc is inside the drive or not. I don’t especially mind for the LED being always on, however I was wondering if the BenQ firmware is unable to correctly control the LED’s, maybe it’s also not 100% able to control the “more important” parts of the Philips drive ?!

Don’t worry about the lights. I can assure you that that is the ONLY difference.
The light on the right is always on except when reading (it blinks). The light on the left is only on during burning. Forget about the nice blue and red light in the middle. You’ll only see that while flashing your firmware. But it’s a small price to pay considering the benifits of the Benq firmware (DL etc.).

Viel Spass and enjoy!


Okay, thanks for the info.

If it’s really only the LED’s, I don’t mind at all :wink: