Which firmware version for 5005?

Hi All,

I’ve had a 5005 for just over 2 years now, upgraded it with hacked firmware when I got it (0090 to 0091 I think). It suffers from the green tint syndrome sometimes known as ‘cabbage face’ and it’s finally annoyed me enough to do something about it.

I read that the later versions of firmware (after 0098?) can’t be hacked, and I’m reluctant to give up my 3-hour recording mode, though I’m not really bothered about macrovision.

Is there a version which can be hacked for 3-hr mode and removes the green tint?

As an aside, I’ve also just changed the burner. Presumably I need a system-only firmware upgrade, which won’t try to upgrade the burner?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Ian,

I’m a new owner of this same product, and I see the same greenish tint to the image, but only when using the TV tuner. Using the S-video input, the picture is fine.

I didn’t know we can update the firmware. How do we do this?

Also, do you notice the sound quality off the TV tuner is a little low, and do you see graininess on the video, on top of the greenish tint?


Hi Dipak,

I see the green tint when playing bck dvds, but I rarely if ever use the tuner, or s-video inputs, so can’t really comment on their quality.

Firmware upgrade instructions are here:


and there’s a sticky thread in this forum about where to find the files. I’m sure there’s more discussion about getting the upgrades to work too.

I’m not sure about the 5005A, but the 5005 only has mono audio (I think the 5006 had NICOM stereo) so that may be why you think the audio is poor.


In the US, all 5005 series have a mono tuner.
Even my newer model (see my sig) has mono.
There is a fw release for Ilo and LiteOn that
was supposed to fix the green tint issue,
but I have no idea if it worked.
You can find it here.
I’m pretty sure the fw on the above page is for
both Ilo and the 5005 LiteOns, but I’m not positive,
so do some research before trying it. !!

Cheers. Does anyone know if the ilo DVDR04 & Lite-on LVW5005 are identical? i.e. the same firmware will work in both?



I just updated the firmware on my 5005 with the LNFA1101.ES0 file, extracted from the LNFA1101.ES0.0102.184x.zip file available from Lite On.

I think the green-ness is a lot less, but it still seems to be there, albeit slightly.

The graininess is still there when using the TV tuner.

Is it normal for DVD recorders to be mono sound? Or is that just because of the cheapness of this product?

(Also, is there a beter firmware out there for me to use??)


You guys might wish to look through this thread.

You might try latest firmware and then flash back to hacked version. I read another thread where user did that to fix a 16x media problem, and result was fixed media problem and regained all the hack advantages.

The last version can be hacked for 3 hour mode, but not for macrovision.

Thanks for that.

Ah, interesting. I have read that 0098 fixes the green tint, so I’ll probably give that a go first.