Which firmware update for DW-1620 converted from OEM?

I have a BenQ 1620 OEM drive that I flashed into a Retail DW1620 using the updates provided by Kenshin. Currently it has RPC1 firmware B7P9.

If I want to upgrade the f/w using the latest RPC1 version from here, should I be using one from the “1620 Bulk” or the regular “DW1620” section? I know the second option is probably correct for crossflashed OEM drives but I want to be sure before I risk killing my drive.

Thank you in advance.

Hello fellow Ontarian.

Use the retail FW.



Thanks for the info!

TDB site has B7U9 RPC-1 f/w. The site you posted does NOT. Get it here if you need it > http://tdb.rpc1.org/#DW1620 Also if you want media speed ups and remove rip lock see link in my sig.