Which firmware to use?


I have an asus DRW-1608P3S, i’m thinking about flashing it to Pioneer 111L-8.26-TDB. Is it possible to flash it back to an asus 1608p3s?

What is the difference between internal and external? The thing is I use an Internal ATA burner plugged, by an ata to usb converter, to my laptop. So I don’t know which one to use.


Yes, it is possible to flash it back and forth. Cross flashing a drive will invalidate the warranty.

The EXT firmware is optimized for an externally mounted USB drive as you have described.

You would need to flash with the 8.19 firmware first, and then to 8.26

Brother Vlad

Hi Capitaine,

My 1608P3S was crossflashed to 111L 8.26
To go back to Asus firmware

  • I first flashed to TDB Asus 1.06 RPC1
  • Then just used the original Asus 1.24 package in command line mode (Executer). See attachment


ok, thank you very much!! :jap:

I just bought a DRW-1608P3S too, and wondering what tool to use to back up the original firmware. Just want to confirm that I have to “flash with the 8.19 firmware first, and then to 8.26” to crossflash. Is it because I have to use TDB Flasher w/Kernel to crossflash and then upgrade?

thanks TheDangerousBros so much for the mod fw :bow:

You cannot - no one can.
By seeing your post count I’d imagine you have already read that info… :rolleyes:

i’m pretty new to pioneer… as a matter of fact i bought the burner during lunch today and i’m still at office :a And i was using liteon and nec before, so i kinda expect there’s a tool to backup… oh well, that’s life :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, no tool available.

Running into “Unable to set kernel mode” while crossflashing with TDB 8.19*!! Also tried running it in safe-mode, but same…

Tried to use DVRflash to set kernel mode but the drive is not supported.

My 1608p3s is using firmware version 1.19, could that be the problem?

Please help, thanks.

you can’t use the DVRFlash to flash your drive. you need to use TDB 111L 8.19 firmware first then use TDB 111L 8.26 firmware.

We uploaded a new copy of the flasher (111L 8.19), download it and try again.

Brother Vlad

thanks so much for the quick and hard work :bow:
works perfectly :iagree:

@DVD_ADDICT, that’s exactly what i was doing… and i was trying to use DVRFlash to see if i can set the burner to kernel mode, not to flash…

HOW should this work when DVRFlash doesn`t support the drive??

If I didn’t try to use DVRFlash, how would I know it doesn’t support my drive. :eek:

By READING the DVRFlash info/instruction before… No?!?