Which firmware to use

I have a sony dw d22a and I flashed it with firmware for liteon 1633s. This lowered the reading times. I then flashed it to sohw 1653s and the times seem better. What is a good firmware to use for general purpose use? I only have the one drive for burning cd’s, dvd’s and anything else I need.

-BS0S will give you the best CD burns even at 48X!!! It gives good result at low speed with some good quality DVDs. And this firmware can be patched to increase the read speed.
-CS0P or BYX5 will give you the best result with DVDs burning. It also give good CDs burns if you burn at 40X maximum. It can also be patched to increase read speed, but there is a bug with +R media once it reaches 12X (even lower sometimes).