Which firmware to use?



I have Pioneer DVR-109DB, which firmware should i use??



Any 109 drive that doesn’t have “XL” behind “109” should be flashed with the regular 109 firmware (= on Pioneer’s site, “109” and “109BK”).



Thanks i updeted the firmware it works just fine :slight_smile:


Or you could crossflash to an A09…


“Or you could crossflash to an A09…”

Yep, I did that :slight_smile: - works flawlessly.

I didn’t mention it because I don’t have a link to an english step-by-step explanation on how to crossflash the 109 to A09, I only have a french link.

In case there are french-speaking members around:


And does anyone have link to an english explanation how to crossflash the 109 to A09?




But the process explained there is more complicated than it need be:

Using a PC you will need to download

and the current A09 firmware from the Pioneer web site (1.40 is the current).

Then you flash the drive with the new firmware. You can also turn on the quiet drive “performace” with the quiet drive utility.

If you use a Mac, you will need to put the drive in a PC and do the above. Or you can use VPC and an external USB case for the drive.