Which firmware to use?

I posted this in the firmware section and was advised that I’d get more information in the Lite-On forums, so here I am. I have a Sony DW-D22A drive and I know it’s really a Lite-On. I flashed to the CS09 firmware a few days ago and did notice that it is more media friendly, however, after reading a few threads here, I guess I can also use the BS0S or the BS41 versions as well. Is this true? And which one is going to be the better of the two? Should I get the stock or the enhanced / patched versions? I am still having some issues backing up my movies with some media. Like AVB TYG02 DVD-R’s. Burns fine, will not play smoothly in any DVD player I have tried it in. I get pixelation and freezing, but have burned flawless DVD’s using Ritek G04’s. Looking for a few suggestions, thanks for any info.

CS09 is a 1653s firmware, so u have 4x +r9 and 12x -r writing. BS41 is a 1633s firmware, but with the same specs as CS09. BS0S is a standard 1633s fw, so u won’t have enhanced +r9/-r writing. if this doesn’t matter to you, flash with a patched BS0S. i get very good written discs with it.

Thanks for the reply. I’m more interested in quality backups than the enhanced features, so I’ll give that one a shot. One more question, what kind of media have you had the most success with for backing up movies with this firmware?

There a thread here about the different liteon firmware. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=120151

the best discs i’ve seen are 16x verbatim dvd+r from spindle. but as i don’t mind to write at lower speeds, i use tdk +r 4x, changed strategy to ty02 to burn them @8x. and they are very cheap (€9,90), too.

I’ll have to give those a try. I haven’t really used the +r media a whole lot yet. I know my burner does not like the TY02 -r’s. Only been able to use them for data storage thus far. Not able to back up any movies with this media.

+r media is working better with liteon drives. and it’s no problem to biset them to -rom to be readable by older standalones. RICOHJPNR03 is a good mediacode. found it on philips and verbatim media. the discs are good, but expensive.

Great. Thanks for the info. Now to bitset, I have to get a specific utility. Am I correct?