Which firmware to use?

I’ve already flashed my 1213s to a 1633s with Omni-Patcher using the BSOC firmware. Now I see there’s BSOH and BSOK fw out.
Is the newest FW always the best to go with?
Without getting too technical…what’s the differences between C, H and K?
Just a little cautious changing from BSOC…have had zero coasters at 8x with G05 Ritek discs. Thanx…

Would like to find out what the best FW and write strategy is for a cross flashed 1633s burning on only G05 Ritek blanks? Is there already a customized fw available for this burner/media combination? Thanx again… :wink:

@ Movieman420 usually newer firmwares include more media recognized and maybe some updated strategies. you can read more here .However, if you are getting good results from a specific firmware and media, and you plan on using that media exclusively, I would recommend staying with it until there are problems. Have you been using Kprobe to test your results?

BS0G offers improved media support over BS0C (9 additional codes not supported by 0C is now supported by 0G… all are pretty obscure codes that most people don’t use).

BS0H fixes some problems in BS0G.

BS0K fixes some problems in BS0H.

CS02 adds more media support and supports RITEKG05 at 12x. But the firmware is not very mature and quality doesn’t seem to be as good as the BS0_ firmwares.

If BS0C is working fine for you, then keep using it… “if it ain’t broke…”

Great…thanx for the info. I’ll stick w/ BSOC for now…8x is fast enough for me usually.