Which Firmware to use with LG 44N


Today i will go to buy the LG 44N burner, and i wanna know which firmware will be the best choice for this drive…
and How can i make him RPC1 ?

it is a good burner. isn’t it ?

Tnx a lot :slight_smile:

i’m using only a good media’s (like TY and Verbatim with MCC code)

Here is a link for your new LG H44N Firmware

Download it then just Run the program with driveupdater (for Windows XP) then you need to reboot

Tnx a lot :slight_smile:

my drive already have the RB01 Firmware installed…

You have got the latest firmware than

Ok. tnx :flower:

there is no firmware solution for making this drive RPC1 ?

(excluding softwares solution)

Tnx again :slight_smile:

Currently there is no RPC1 patch for H42/H44/H62 drives.


tnx for the answer