Which firmware to use for NEC ND-1300A?



So i bought that drive (rebagged Buslink) and upgraded it to the official firmware 1.0A. But after poking around, i found this site:


In its 1300A section, there are so many firmwares:

1.05 7 (1.30)
1.06 7 (1.48)
1.07 7 (1.48)
1.0A 7 (1.61)
1i05 7 (1.30)
1i06 7 (1.48)
1i07 7 (1.48)
1.0A 7 (1.61)
1e05 7 (1.30)
1e06 7 (1.48)
1e07 7 (1.48)
1.0A 7 (1.61)

A few questions:

  1. Which one should i use of the above since i am having trouble understanding what RPC2 (original) ,RPC2 (autoreset), RPC1 (free), are?

  2. Should i use the flashtool ( ND1x00A, NEC1100A , DOS thanx to Dangerous Brothers)
    at the top of the site to upgrade the firmware or something else?

  3. Most importantly, is there a way to go back to the old official firmware if need be afterwards?

  4. Lastly, will doing this void the warranty? I mean if i am able to go back to the official firmware, then how are they going to know that i used a ‘hacked’ firmware?


Also, has anyone been able to connect to www.herrie.org recently? I get ‘cannot connect to remote server’ error.



Yes, I can connect to Herrie’s site.

I don’t know what version to suggest, but I think that if you want the drive to be region free, then you should go for the autoreset version.

Yes, use the DOS flasher, yes using a hacked firmware voids your warranty, and yes you can go back to an official firmware if you want.


You can connect to herrie.org? Hrm, i cannot. www.herrie.org is the correct Url, right? Or is there a different one?

Thx for the replies. One thing though: if i go back to the old firmware, then will the warranty be still be void?

/edit: nevermind about herrie.org, i had to put in the ip address to get there:

No idea why it won’t work the other way.