Which firmware to use for 8X FujiFilm DVD+R .?



Hey guys I am using Quickee’s firmware right v2 right now… I recently bought a spindle of FujiFilm 8X +R’s which are “YUDEN000T02” … now I need a firmware that has bit-setting support for +R’s, speedups, RPC-1 too … also would like to have RipLock removed but no big deal ,… I did look through the diff. firmware you have on the forums but was just baffled by all the info !

thanks !


First of all it would be a idea to mention the NEC drive you use. Not everybody nows all different firmwares by their version number.
Have a look at my firmware page. See the link in my signature.


ooops I am sorry … i have a NEC3500 running Quickee’s v2 standard right now …


i’m using IODATA 2.28, has bitsetting, RPC1, riplock remove
don’t have quality scans but seems fine, using FujiFilm 8x DVD+R burn at 16x


This is the firmware info:

2.18 05.11.2004 00

CD-R Version: 1.25
CD-RW Version: 1.24
DVD-R Version: 1.40
DVD-RW Version: 1.35
DVD+R Version: 1.58g
DVD+RW Version: 1.37
DVD+R9 Version: 1.26

RipLock Removed
RPC-1 (Region Free)

Any speed-ups or tweaks for the “YUDEN000T02” media in newer firmwares ???

I see MadDog’s 2.FC and 2.FD, Liggy’s V2.TD, Quickee’s Milestone 3 … which one of these should I use ??

I need Region Free, Riplock-removed, Bit-setting for +R …


Ok I just looked at some more firmwares and think that Quickee’s v3 Extreme based on Mad Dog 2.FD would suit me best … what do you think ??


Should I use Liggy’s which is based on MadDog’s ??


Both are Ok do what ever you feel like it.