Which Firmware To Pick?

There are a lot of firmwares to pick but i have no clue on which is the best. I have a NEC ND-3550A with stock firmware 1.05. Which firmware do you recommend for me - but in the features i need to bitsetting on dvd+r’s to make them read as dvd-r?

EDIT: I flashed it with the 1.Y6 firmware.


the main distinctions between stock firmware and modified is to unlock the rip speed set by the manufacturer in the stock firmware, to allow bitsetting for dvd+R and to unloock the 5 strikes and you’re out region nonsense.

riplocking for increased speed is something i have found is tempest in a teacup. i have not found from lottsa personal experience the difference is not worth the risk of a bd flash.

the bitsetting can be a useful feature

as to the unlock region limitation change of 5 and you’re out.

frankly the dirt simple way around this is to get and install AnyDVD from slysoft.
problem is now elegantly solved.

when you add it all up tweaking ones firmware is a job best left to those who know how to do it and understand the benefits versus the risks. just cause ya can doesn’t mean you should.