Which firmware to change bit settings on ND-3500?

Hi all

I am looking to change the bit setting on my ND-3500a so DVD+R’s are shown as DVD-ROM. I understand I need to upgrade from the original 2.16 NEC firmware to a patched version.

I have seen Herrie’s 2.17 rom does this (3500_217.rar), but the site is down. Is there another site I can get this or could I PM an email address to someone to send it to me?

Looking on The Dangerous Brothers site, I’m confused as to what firmware does what. It looks like 2.F8 does what I need, but it says this is for Maddog and my drive is OEM NEC-ND3500AG, is this the same drive and okay to use to change the bit settings?


… uuh, there a lot of threads with your question … the most are answered well

… for example Herries 2.17bs or Dangerous Brothers 2.F8
. . recognize that contents of both Fw’s are the same, just released by other publisher