Which firmware supports the most media?

which firmware supports the most media for NEC 2500A?

herrie 1.08v3-2 ?


Mad Dog MD-8XDVD9 v2.F9 ?

Im lost…dont know which of these two are better…

yea …im a noob…thats why i need some info regarding this… only 1 way to learn :wink:

thanks !

there are media list threads which will show what is supported at what speed. i use 107b2v4 and have awesome luck on 2 - 2500s i had less good luck with 108v3

first 4 tested
second 4
third scans
fourth set of scans

searching for your self will help you find the info faster and more pertinent to what you want to know and teach you more along the way

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cnlson might you tell me the URL ot the site you grabbed the 107b2v4 firmware please

ok welcome to the forum both of you… please do try to read the stickys at the top

here is the firmare site you seek

maybe i am blind for i already had checked this site before asking but i see no

107b2v4 firmware. is the name something different under NEC 2500 firmware?

and will 2510 firmware actually work on a 2500? these may sound like foolish questions but if a mistake is made the burner is trashed. best to ask someone who has done it and how and which firmware exactly they used to success. learn yes, ask yes, succeed yes yes yes. i would sure hate to screw up for lack of asking some simple questions

apparently not there… silly them. it is however here

many thanks. there is a ton to navigate around on this site so this saved me a ton of time.