Which firmware ? Pioneer 111D

Hi there,

I just bought a pioneer DVR-111D. I am looking to make this permanantly region free.


this page presents the firmware to do so, but there are so many versions. Which firmware do I use ?

I have not flashed this drive at all yet.


Then visit the Pioneer section for more info.

I see almost every manufacturer except for pioneer.

Anyways, any ideas on which firmware version to use ?

When I posted to the Pioneer forum my thread was closed for cross posting.

Can someone help me out with this ?


In the link you posted, there are various firmwares modified by the Dangerous Brothers.

The ones named with 1.xx (i.e. 1.06, 1.19 and 1.23) are the rpc1free versions of the corrispondent original firmwares.

The ones named with 8.xx, if I’m not wrong, are the Buffalo firmwares.

INT is for Internal, and EXT is for External versions of this burner.

Then, the firmware you need to make the 111D permanently region free is the 1.23.

Beware: installing an unofficial firmware invalidate warranty.

Read the rules of this forum.

Is there a way to do this from DOS ? I do not have windows XP (well I do but its VMware for my linux).

Also what is buffalo firmware, and why would it be less desireable over the 1.23 ?

Thanks for the reply

I think the Buffalo series enables bitsetting, but I’m not a Pioneer expert. (This is a positive thing).

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The Buffalo firmware come with [B]AUTO[/B]-Bitsetting for DVD+R.
DVD+R DL [B]AUTO[/B]-bitsetting to DVD-ROM booktype is done by default with any firmware available for these burners.

AUTO means by default, means you cannot ever change that.