Which firmware? Memorex 52MAXX 3252AJ

Hey everyone,

Many thanks for all the informative posts in here. I’ve found many references to a version of the Memorex 52MAXX 3252AJ using a Liteon firmware for model 52246S, but since mine is a 52/32/52 speed instead of a 52/24/52 speed, I’m unsure whether this applies to me (I’m noting the “24” in the Liteon model number as a reference). The current firmware version shown for my drive is QWS3.

Basically, the reason I’m assuming I need to flash the firmware is because this drive isn’t natively supported by Feurio 1.6.7 and I’m debating whether to use that as my main burning program. I’m trying to move away from the mainstream “suites” like Roxio or Nero.

If someone can help guide me to the right spot, I would appreciate some help.


No, 3252AJ is not a 52246S, it’s a 52327S.